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Finger ur led? 5

by: User Deactivated
Värk ifrån fingerlederna. 12

by: Matthias Goeransson
Stiff fingers in the morning?! 5

by: Bogdan Bejan
Tendon strengthening 3

by: Christian Stohr
Ytterligare ett långfingers problem. 5

by: Tina Spang (f)
Anorexia is good for climbing!! 1

by: User Deactivated
pain in the tip of the middle finger 2

by: Bjoern Alber
chalk and lung/respiratory system disorders 4

by: Bjoern Alber
Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Problem 12

by: Martin Classen
Knakar till när jag knyter näven 2

by: Bjoern Alber
Lump on base of finger. 12

by: Kristopher Hall
Shoulder dislocation injury 1

by: Ilari Patrikka
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 3

by: A ri
Surgery or Not? (Shoulder) 1

by: Mike Kimmel
Swollen toe knuckles 4

by: Thore Juergensen
Strange pain in MCP-joint and in middle finger. 2

by: Jon Smith
Strange pain in MCP-joint and in middle finger. 1

by: Fredric Ganheim
Multiple finger injuries 1

by: Ron Berends
Begynnande Dupuytren´s Contracture... 9

by: Thomas Hedlund
Total hip prosthesis 4

by: Jose Manuel Macias