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Repeat Ascents in Ranking Game?

What is the idea if you repeat certain routes concerning the 8a ranking game? I mean, if you climb the same 10 routes every year, are you supposed to add the latest date to your logbook? On one hand, this seems kind of stupid to me, but on the other hand, if e.g. Ondra has already sent the 10 hardest routes in the world (and even if he would repeat them every week), it's not really fair that others are ranked higher than him just because he did it one year ago for the first time...? Or is it? What you think?

Why does this seem stupid to count repeats in the scorecard ranking as long it is just one ascent?

Paco Langjahr
In reply to Jens Larssen

Don't know...probably it's just that it doesn't seem like a big deal to repeat a route that you have sent already. But what do you mean by "as long it is just one ascent"?

It would not be fair to repeat the same route ten times during the same year to get a good score but I do not see the problem repeating and counting it once every year.

Dave Saham
In reply to Paco Langjahr

certain top routes in your baggage on your personal top average or local crag, or mitic routes can always be an excellent self testing over the years! every body have this kind of intemporaly lines!

Dave Saham
In reply to Jens Larssen

could be a fair solution by deducting 50 points every repetition till 5 RP max a year maybe?

Jens Larssen
In reply to Dave Saham

I know we have had it like this and possibly we could add it again :)

Maybe you can make it so that you can only log a route once every 365 days. Because in our arbitrary game that is climbing, doing something the first time is what counts. The pros never try to do their hardest routes more than once. It would be silly if I could do my hardest route and then do it again a day later and get lots of points for both of those.