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The lingering shoulder... 1

by: Boris Sven
Pain on outfacing part of finger joint? 2

by: Andreas Klarstroem
Mysterious Pinky Injury 1

by: Ian Grant
cold fingers / low blood circulation 1

by: Tim Grim
Stiff/Painful neck 1

by: Jack Shewring
sustained wrist pain 5

by: Gary Jokalowski
Middle Finger Discomfort When Making Fist 1

by: Cole Zuelke
Finger/Forearm injury with neurological complications 1

by: Grzegorz Kopecki
Dos operaciones de rotura de labrum 1

by: Antibasura martinez
Strange crunching noise coming from my left elbow 1

by: alan pierce
Please add "Fichtelgebirge" as a climbing crag 3

by: Christoph Ross
Maybe C2 injury? 1

by: Kilian Wi
Unusual Elbow pain 1

by: Micah Holt
Falling on out stretched hand - recovery ? 1

by: Tim Grim
Chronic shoulder pain 6

by: Stefan Hammerl
Torned flexor digitorum superficialis 1

by: Michael Christensen
Index Finger A3 Pulley Diagnosis 2

by: Mato Gunda
Ganglion at the "ring band" 4

by: Martin Knoebl
Losing weight 2

by: Jan Schubert
Unknown Wrist Injury! 3

by: Franz Hagemann