Thursday, 15 May

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Wednesday, 26 March

Boreal meeting in Chulilla

By mid March, Boreal gathered some of its most representative athletes in Albarracín and Chulilla in order to get some shots of them climbing with the new climbing shoes which they have recently released. Three nice days spent with the base camp set in the refugio de Chulilla, a place for climb…


Sunday, 9 March

Barbara Zangerl after her successful Oliana trip

BARBARA ZANGERL after her successful Oliana trip By Esteban Diez Fernández Barbara climbing 'Fish Eye', 8c in Oliana. Pic© Jacopo Larcher. Pic© Ignacio Sandoval Burón. In 'Mind Control', 8c (+). Pic© Walker Emerson. text-autospace:none">- 8b, 8b+, 8c and 8c(+) in just 2 w…


Monday, 3 February

CAC - A great success story

John Ellison: "The diagnosis is a terminal one so no cure in sight."Leah Crane, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk and Alex PuccioThe Swedish Junior National TeamClimbers Against Cancer and John Ellison won the "Winners" award of Social awareness at ISPO. In just 12 months, CAC has raised 230 000 Euro o…

Outdoor Research's FLOODLIGHT JACKET

Staying warm in Albarracín with the Floodlight Jacket and the Deadpoint Pants.
Outdoor Research's promotional video. video where we can appreciate this jacket's water-proofness (starts at 2:00).

Sometimes, when we're about to leave home to go climbing/bouldering in the mountains and the weather is changeable, i.e., it's cold outside and don't know whether it's going to rain or not, we normally doubt whether to take our down jacket to be warm or the waterproof one so as not to get wet.

I always ended up putting both pieces of clothing in the backpack, but unfortunately this means extra weight -which is not a good idea when the hike-in is long- and you need a rucksack big enough to host everything in.

The new Floodlight Jacket by Outdoor Research has just solved this problem for me, since it perfectly combines the nice warmth its 800+ down fill provides -besides of the compressibility and lightness which are not met by the synthetic garments- plus the fact that I'm going to be at ease without worrying about getting wet or the wind bothering me. 

How did OR was able to do that? Instead of sewing the baffles, they have bonded an exterior Pertex® Shield+ membrane (water and wind-proof and breathable) to the synthetic interior. That way they avoid the humidity to enter where the feather is.  

The only drawbacks that we've found are:

- It's a little bit heavier (600 g in size L) and a little bit less compressible (less bulkier than a harness).

- As with all the jackets that we've tested from OR so far, it hasn't got double zipper closure, which is a bit annoying when belaying from our harness belay loop.

- We think that the neck box is a little bit too wide, making it feel a tad colder around our neck (it could be fixed with a long necked 1st and/or 2nd layer/s).

Besides this, its main characteristics are:

- 2 big zippered hand pockets which are situated higher than most of the jackets out there making it possible to have your hands in them while you wear the harness or your rucksack/crash-pad belt over the Floodlight Jacket. Moreover, they are fleece lined, which makes them cosier. 

- 1 zippered Napoleon pocket.

- 2 internal pockets where to place your climbing shoes when its cold, hence, warm them before you slide them on.

- Adjustable wire-brimmed hood, helmet compatible.

- Velcro Hook/loop cuff closures as well as double adjustable hem.

- Internal front-zip storm flap. This avoids the zipper to snag the internal fabric.

- 800+ fill down.

- Outer: Pertex® Shield+, which is breathable and water-resistant (10.000 mm) as well as windproof. Check the video at the bottom right-hand corner to see how water-proof this jacket actually is (starts at 2:00).

If you're looking for a lighter and more compressible feather jacket, you can read our Transcendent Hoody review (just 369 g. in size L).


Tuesday, 28 January


Outdoor Research's FLOODLIGHT JACKET Staying warm in Albarracín with the Floodlight Jacket and the Deadpoint Pants. Outdoor Research's promotional video. video where we can appreciate this jacket's water-proofness (starts at 2:00). Sometimes, w…


Wednesday, 8 January

Exploring Malawi

This article will focus on the genesis of the project, the climbing in Malawi and information for people who want to climb there. For a more in depth behind the scene look, our Behind The Scene video will be released late January. Haroun Souirji [Vast Motion Pictures], producer and director. GENES…


Monday, 2 December

Patxi Usobiaga is back into climbing

PATXI USOBIAGA is back into climbing By Ignacio Sandoval Burón It´s only a couple of years ago that Patxilín announced his retirement from the competition scene due to some discomfort at a cervical level product of an hernia produced by a car accident -just a year before he had already men…


Wednesday, 20 November

8C+ is needed to take us further

By Peter Baumgart8C+ and 9A are needed to take us furtherEverything has been said, but not by everyone. And maybe I feel the persistent discussion around bouldering grades deserves another statement. In the hope it adds a new perspective. This new perspective shall be a mix of irony, sarcasm and a p…


Friday, 8 November

Running can be contra productive

"All gyms and top climbers should have a kranking machine or a rower. This would make most us get better endurance."Running can be counterproductiveBy Dr 8a, Björn Alber, MSc Training physiology and one of the best rowers in the world during the 80'ies.Everybody will agree that maintaining grip…


Tuesday, 29 October

The Gimme Kraft new message

Archon 8b on trad gearNew Orleans Heavy Weight Division 8cAlexander Megos: "For me it was definetly important not to climb at my limit all the time when I was young. That's exactely what it was. I never climbed at my limit until recently and that was maybe the reason why I could keep my high motivat…