Combined Ranking: Top-10 Routes/Boulders last 12 months
1Ascents in last month23 165Off LineCarlo Traversi1988USASanta Rosa
2Ascents in last month21 734Off LineDalton Bunker1997USAOrem
3Ascents in last month21 352Off LineBen Herrington1986USAseattle
4Ascents in last month20 618On LineMike McCracken1994USAEast Brunswick
5 20 437Off LineSkylar Smith1999USADurango
6 20 020Off LineJerad Friedrichs1985USAColorado Springs
7Ascents in last month19 981Off LineJordan TF USALittle Rock
8 19 952Off LineNick Smith1987USASomewhere, USA
9Ascents in last month19 940Off LineJoe Gruss1987USABlacksburg
10Ascents in last month19 804Off LineColin Hale1993USAOrem
11Ascents in last month19 747Off LineManny Quintana1999USAMurrieta
12Ascents in last month19 677Off LineSteve Mullins1983USAboulder
13Ascents in last month19 530Off LineAndrew Nimmer1995USAMadison
14 19 489Off LineCrux Padwell1988USAThe South
15Ascents in last month19 456Off LineKipp Schorr1983USASalt Lake City
16Ascents in last month19 451Off LineEdwin Teran1985USA/Ecuador
17 19 446Off LineMatt Pincus1987USAJackson, WY
18Ascents in last month19 382Off LineKyle Kuh USADenver
19Ascents in last month19 370Off LineAlex Herbert1991USAHighlands Ranch
20Ascents in last month19 355Off LineAlexander Mestler1989USANew York City
21Ascents in last month19 304Off LineTyler Audette USABoulder
22Ascents in last month19 300Off LineB. Dingle Dangle1988USADenver
23Ascents in last month19 235Off LineAdam Macke1979USAChattanooga
24Ascents in last month19 200Off LineChris Eason1991USALaGrange
25Ascents in last month19 098Off LineOwen Anderson1990USASeattle
26Ascents in last month18 996Off LineMichael Harrington1989USA?
27Ascents in last month18 980Off LineLohan Lizin1996USARome
28Ascents in last month18 930Off LineKyle Fisher1982USALouisville
29Ascents in last month18 900Off LineKevin Macartney1990USABozeman
30 18 895Off LineKris "Odub" Hampton1974USACincinnati
31Ascents in last month18 848On Linejimmy chulich1990USAolympia
32 18 845Off LineChris Hirsch1988USARapid City, SD
33Ascents in last month18 731On LineWill Rossiter USASan Francisco
34Ascents in last month18 630On LineKyle Rowden1986USA
35 18 456Off LineBen Steel USABerkeley
36Ascents in last month18 392Off LineDrew stewart1990USA
37Ascents in last month18 375Off LineGuido Princess1989USAFayetteville
38 18 259Off LineJoel Zerr1984USABoulder
39 18 256Off LineSam Davis1984USA
40Ascents in last month18 254Off LineMichael Hauck1988USAMorrison
41Ascents in last month18 193Off LineHank Gaylord USAStudio City
42Ascents in last month18 175Off LineKeith North1992USADenver
43 18 163Off LineBJ Tilden1980USALander
44Ascents in last month18 005Off LineMatt McCormick1983USABurlington
45Ascents in last month18 004On LineElias McQuaid1988USAWorcester
46Ascents in last month18 000On LineJAMES WILLIAMS1968USAAUSTIN
47 17 992Off LineSam Chosspoy USAboone
48 17 988Off LineGreg Loomis1980USAWinston Salem
49Ascents in last month17 928Off LineChris Weidner1974USABoulder
50Ascents in last month17 913Off LineTaylor Roy1977USASalt Lake City
51 17 907Off LineJesse Bruni1989USAAustin
52Ascents in last month17 895Off LineAndrew Roepke1987USAKansas City
53Ascents in last month17 875Off LineIsaac Palatt1985USAColorado Springs
54Ascents in last month17 746Off LinePhilip Lutz1992USAAkron
55Ascents in last month17 698Off LineDaniel Steele1986USADenver
56Ascents in last month17 691Off LineMarina Inoue1985USAOn the Road
57 17 647Off LineRyan Patridge1998USAPortland
58Ascents in last month17 627Off LineChuck Odette1955USAAnywhere
59 17 584Off LineDoug Gregorie1979USAChattanooga
60Ascents in last month17 525Off LineDallas Dean1991USAPeachtree City
61 17 502Off LineOliver Richman1997USACleveland
62Ascents in last month17 439Off LineCharlie Garcia1986USADC
63 17 405Off LineJoey Catama1999USAThousand Oaks
64Ascents in last month17 393Off LineSimon Longacre1988USAReading
65Ascents in last month17 334Off LineBrannon Frank1989USABoise
66Ascents in last month17 321Off LineMan of the Stacks1987USABoone
67Ascents in last month17 299Off LineZane Dordai1991USASalt Lake City
68Ascents in last month17 264Off LineTyler Kempney1991USABoulder, CO
69Ascents in last month17 191Off LineBryan Gilmore1972USABrookline
70Ascents in last month17 175Off Linekenneth bonnette1990USAchattanooga
71 17 144Off LineJohn Chipouras USADenver
72 17 072Off LineLeah Frazer1979USAKnoxville
73Ascents in last month17 057Off LineAaron Child1989USAProvo
74Ascents in last month17 046Off LineRyan O'Connor USASalt Lake City
75Ascents in last month16 997Off LineMarci Seuferling USABoulder
76Ascents in last month16 895Off LineRosie Cahoon1980USASalt Lake City
77 16 894Off LineMike Donovan1989USASan Jose
78Ascents in last month16 788Off LineWalker Emerson USALa Honda CA
79Ascents in last month16 752Off LineMartin Tikusis1979USABoulder
80Ascents in last month16 693Off LineCameron Cassan1994USABoone
81 16 468Off LineWill Wright USAWichita
82Ascents in last month16 452Off LineDustin Canterbury USACharleston
83Ascents in last month16 452Off LineA. Carter Smith1995USABoone
84 16 400Off LineMallory Joy1990USABoulder
85 16 381Off LineRick Carpenter1987USAAsheville
86Ascents in last month16 310Off LineThe Indigo Professional1996USA
87Ascents in last month16 307Off LineMike Abell1988USASan Francisco
88Ascents in last month16 282Off LineTara "puntahontas" Kerzhner1986USAYour mother's...
89 16 271Off LineL G1983USANew York city
90 16 226Off LineRyman Wiemann1986USABowie
91 16 205Off LineRachel Stewart1983USASalt Lake City
92Ascents in last month16 198Off LineTanner Bauer USALouisville
93Ascents in last month16 180Off LineJake Ferretti USAPortland
94 16 175Off LineW Rossi1998USADurango
95Ascents in last month16 046On LineSarah Brengosz1990USASlade
96Ascents in last month16 016Off LinePorter Crockard USABirmingham
97Ascents in last month15 982Off LineJames Lucas1981USASanta Cruz
98Ascents in last month15 976Off LineJeremy Jennings1989USASeneca
99Ascents in last month15 925Off LineJesse Heineman USASeattle
100 15 896Off LineCurtis LaBouff1992USALas Vegas
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