8A+ by Katharina Saurwein

Katharina Saurwein has done her seventh 8A+, Lethal Design in Red Rocks. "After figuering out the beta and trying it for three days, I managed to climb 'Lethal design', a beautiful, crimpy power endurance problem. First 8a+ of the season." Last year Katharina was #6 in the Boulder WC after having been Top-10 in all the eight WC's. The Austrian has been a successful competition climber since 2002 and in 2006 she won the Youth World Championship and in 2008, she won a Lead WC. In 2014, she will do all Boulder WC's.

8c (+) RP and 8a+ (b) OS by Piotr Schab (17)

Piotr Schab has had two great days in Margalef where he has done Pal Este giving it a personal upgrade to 8c+ as it took him 25 tries over three trips. Later he onsighted El Figurin 8a+ and La Trencatranques giving the latter a personal grade of 8a+, "Too many good holds for an 8b." The 17 year old is #2 in the ranking game. The pic by Piotr Bunsch is from La Cabane au Canada 9a.

Anak Verhoeven is historically speaking one of the best female Lead competition climbers. She made finals in the WC 36 times in a row. In total, she made the podium 19 times, but in 2019 she stopped competing due to injuries. In the second half of 2021, she fully recovered but decided to focus only …

Vertical-Life Updates

The biggest update in today’s release is the new dark mode. It was your number one feature request after the Vertical-Life release, and so we are happy to get i…

Two 8c+ by Ramonet in Oliana

Ramon Julian has had another good day in Oliana where he did two 8c+, Joe Blau and La Morenita. The 159 cm Ramonet has been #2 in the 8a ranking game after Adam Ondra for several years now and during the last 12 years, he has overall, been the best Lead competition climber. In 2002, he won his first WC and was #2 in the European Champion. Later he has become the world champion twice and the WC results for the last four years are : 3 - 2 - 2 - 1. (c) M. Alba

Iker Ortiz (14) sends 'Malsoñando', 8c

We almost can't keep track of all the super young climbing phenomenons in Spain these days... Yesterday we reported about Héctor Bazán and Jerome González and today we come with another astonishing kid crusher, the 14 years-old Iker Ortiz from Valencia, who yesterday bagged his first 8c, Malsoñando in El Bovedón de Gandía (pic© José Ortiz). During his short story in the vertical world -he started climbing in July, 2012- he nailed up to 8a+ during his first year and before reaching his new milestone his best performances were two 8b's. In his scorecard he comments: "My first 8c. Super happy. Also very happy of having stepped up from the 8b to the 8c. Thanks to those who supported and belayed me during these days." How was the process and how was the route for you? "I started trying the route on the 4th of January of this year. It's a route with a bouldery move at the beginning, followed by a sequence of reachy movements combined with some active rests. Then, there's a very hard movement on crimps, which is the route's hardest for me. After that movement you enter an active rest in order to reach the route's last movement -a one finger pocket move which can easily throw you off- 'in good conditions'."

We have received several mails how it can be possible to first do some spell checking etc and add missing routes to the data base before sorting from left-to-right. Adding ascent you can do in your own scorecard but clicking "DB Ascents" meaning it will not show up on your list. When it comes to spell checking you need a specific log in. Just email, [email protected] and everyone having done some few hours work will get a free 8a La Sportiva T-shirt.

Two young Spanish crushers: Jerome (16) & Héctor (11)

Jerome González is 16 year-old boy from Tenerife (Canary Islands) who has recently sent an 8c, Guayota, and an 8c+ called Multiorgasmo over there. He's been flying to the Iberian peninsula to climb a bit after the comps, on some bank weekends or during his Summer holidays but now he's in need of some sort of frequent flyer plan cause he's already done with all the hard routes in his island. Read more about him in the interview we've just done him for the Spanish site. Another even younger wonder kid is the one in Roby Bienvenuti's pic, the 11 year-old Héctor Bazán, who some few weeks ago sent his second 8b with Batuka in Margalef. 'El Talismá directo' in Savassona was his first when he was 10. His interview is being edited, so check the Spanish site at mid-week if you want to know more about this guy from Catalunya. However, we had a couple of questions already published in this piece of news, out of which we translate one for you: How much work did you need to send your second 8b? "First I tried the start of the route after sending the one next to it, 'Transilvania' (8a), and I understood that I could do it. I went to try it another weekend after but wasn't able to do it. The next weekend, I placed the quickdraws and fired it off at my next go. I needed around 8 tries."