15 May 2023

The Bizarre Ride 8A+ and two 8As by Michaela Kiersch

Michaela Kiersch has had a great day in Magic Wood, sending The bizarre Ride (8A+), Octopussy (8A) and The bomb is explosion (8A). (c) Susannah Anders

Bizarre Ride and Octopussy were on my 2023 revenge list because they were super challenging for me last year, I couldn’t do all of the moves. So excited to put them to rest! Just wanted to finish up the day with one more! Hadn’t tried it [The Bomb] before and managed to do it in a few tries.

Which has been the most fun you have done in Ticino in 2023?
Frank's wild years (8A+) is my favorite so far because I was climbing just out of pure joy. It was an impromptu trip to Ticino from Spain and such a fun experience to find myself bouldering with my heels above my head doing big moves on pinchy holds. I would also have to say that it’s been really rewarding to see progress in a climbing style that has historically been challenging for me (big powerful moves) - especially on boulders I couldn’t do in the past!

As it stands, the 28-year-old and Dr. in Hand Therapy is a contender for having the All-Time High best Combined route and boulder tick list. She started 2023 by doing La Rambla (9a+) and in the last 15 months she has done around 35 boulders 8A to 8B+. In previous years, she was more of a route climber having completed a dozen routes 8c+ and harder. Here is an interview from last year.
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