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Top ten routes that make up your score 1

by: Jon Shen
Profile Intro 2 1

by: Endre Verden
Soft Note gone... 1

by: Endre Verden
Change route´s name 1

by: Aitor Bárez
Highlighting of “ticked” routes on crag pages 4

by: Jannik Vollmer
Crag moderators 1

by: Petar Chalamov
Number of attempts 1

by: David Pastyka
notes in the ascent page 2

by: 8a Support
Logbook statistics includes project 2

by: 8a Support
Showing "Go´s" to others - (blue) 3

by: 8a Support
Deleting ascents does not work 3

by: Stefan Reinfelder
Onsight points 1

by: Endre Verden
Thanks for the improvements 1

by: Phat Ho
Update user name? 2

by: 8a Support
last ascent list 2

by: 8a Support
Hidden profiles end up in Crags ascents 1

by: Endre Verden
Load all does not load all 1

by: Endre Verden
"go" / "project" screws up stats 2

by: 8a Support
bar of 5a routes is above the 5a+ routes 1

by: Road to 8a
Tick comment doesn't handle line break 1

by: Endre Verden