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Adding routes to database only - help me please 2

by: Ben Lepesant
<40+ Senior Ranking is turning into a joke 1

by: Eric Zschiesche
User settings 2

by: Lorenz Fedeli
Duplicate routes in different crags in the same area 1

by: Luke ☢ Cornejo
2 pitch routes/Extensions 2

by: Rafael Bechelli
Merge routes on identical crags with identical names / grades 2

by: Romain Thiery
Date format preference 2

by: Marko
There is no way to see ascents from December 31 1

by: Tomek Zacharewicz
30 Days Crag Ranking 3

by: Grant Mercer
Incorrect DOB entries 3

by: Eric Zschiesche
Suggetion to the 12 month point system (to help fairness) 8

by: Tanka Rhai
Adaptation measures 3

by: Siegfried Berger
Improving the database 11

by: Ben Lepesant
Delete Ascents to impove teh quality of the database 2

by: Ben Lepesant
Search window disappears too quickly 5

by: Mic Huizinga
gallery: delete or upload images 6

by: Claudiu Istrati
Can't Log A Grade That Differs more than 3 grades Than What The Site Lists It As 4

by: Ben Lepesant
can't click on peoples profils in forum or news 3

by: Christian Hey
Different "extra" points for FAs 4

by: Ben Lepesant
Edit Crag Information 1

by: Ben Lepesant