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merging areas 2

by: Simon Bihr
Frozen ranking 7

by: Maciej Musialik
Lines incorectly created as boulders... 2

by: Simon Bihr
Better average grade stats 3

by: Mic Huizinga
Message function 1

by: Hendrik de Lede
Gyms in the app without specific gym topos 4

by: Stefan Wendler
Reporting/Removing Fake Ticks 3

by: Simon Bihr
Option to stay logged in (longer) 8

by: Volodymyr Barna
Adding FA to Styles filter in Routes/Boulder logbooks 3

by: Ben Lepesant
Removing duplicate routes, crags 18

by: Ben Lepesant
Feature Request; Multipitch routes 1

by: Martin Schweingruber
can't upload routes 2

by: Ben Lepesant
Cant see logged routes! 4

by: Ben Lepesant
Diferent counts to trad and sport climbing 5

by: Eryk Matowski
Bug: Grading bar doesn't change when ascent is edited. 1

by: Paco Langjahr
Merging, editing, fixing routes, sectors and crags 1

by: Evgeny Eidelzon
Problems with ascents in vertical-Life app 2

by: Ben Lepesant
Chart/graphic showing common consensus on grade 4

by: Aidan Scarffe
Personal ascents AND friends ascents should be displayed at the top. 1

by: Walter Strbad
Friends ascents page 1

by: Luke ☢ Cornejo