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Profile Intro 3 2

by: Matthias Polig
Route duplicate names, sector 6

by: Romain Thiery
Crag latest ascent 2

by: Ben Lepesant
Star Rating in Friends Ascents 3

by: Matthias Polig
2 pitch routes 5

by: Martin Bombac
Print as ticklist 4

by: Ben Lepesant
Private vs anonymous 2

by: User Deactivated
Dialogue 3

by: Matthias Polig
‚No Score‘ on all ascents... 1

by: Fridolin Sent
Top ten routes that make up your score 6

by: Britta Steude
Profile Intro 2 1

by: Endre Verden
Soft Note gone... 4

by: Ben Lepesant
Change route´s name 6

by: Ben Lepesant
Highlighting of “ticked” routes on crag pages 4

by: Jannik V
Crag moderators 4

by: Ben Lepesant
Number of attempts 2

by: Christopher Rogi
notes in the ascent page 2

by: 8a Support
Logbook statistics includes project 2

by: 8a Support
Showing "Go´s" to others - (blue) 4

by: Lila Machado
Deleting ascents does not work 3

by: Stefan Reinfelder