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Censorship on 8a.nu-usa!!!52016-07-07 16:02:45
by: User Deactivated
Training for beginners12015-08-01 19:49:57
by: Victor Kim
Opinions of this new Belaying Glasses12015-06-02 10:03:05
by: Angel Durán
Opinions of this new Belaying Glasses12015-06-02 10:02:24
by: Angel Durán
Removable Bolts now available in Europe22015-04-03 23:22:29
by: Rufus5.12
How to add a new crag, please12013-10-06 04:06:33
by: Alain
Insurance32013-08-28 10:31:22
by: Cisko
20th Annual International Climbers' Festival July 10-14, 201312013-07-03 21:27:51
by: Double Delay
Bouldering + internship32013-02-22 04:01:01
by: Joe Rossiter
Need help with climbing study!12012-12-13 19:52:05
by: Bart Paull
Boulder Canyon...22012-10-18 18:45:37
by: Taylor Roy
Im need help finding a carabiner12012-10-02 20:07:37
by: Joakim Schöllin
Which is the better training method?112012-06-30 11:20:38
by: Pete George
need help getting started!12012-06-10 22:21:39
by: Peter Mørck Nielsen
Best crags for finding partners on summer road trip?12012-06-01 07:40:40
by: Mike Farnsworth
Cool trad climbing video12011-11-16 22:59:55
by: Megan Mouse(f)
faggy anonymous users should lose 8a downrating priviliges22011-10-23 00:07:56
by: Suq Madiq
An Open Letter to J. McNasty22011-10-20 02:36:57
by: Suq Madiq
The cinch from trango !Dangerous!122011-10-15 06:22:05
by: Todd McCormick
Selecting Crystal Earrings For Your Wife Or Girlfriend32011-10-05 01:38:18
by: Guido Princess
Win cloths from Prana12011-05-09 21:10:53
by: Matt Stark
Crazy Looking Bouldering Comp Wall12011-05-08 18:48:29
by: Megan Mouse(f)
V10 start into .13d equals what in your opinon?92011-05-03 02:19:58
by: Regan McCaffery
New Blog WWW.SAMUELTREPANIER.COM12011-04-18 03:08:35
by: Samuel Trepanier
Joe's Valley Conditions 2/26/1122011-03-01 19:22:12
by: Paul Nadler
Video of D Woods repeating The Game V1612011-03-01 16:19:02
by: Megan Mouse(f)
Belay device survey for a school project12011-02-14 23:36:44
by: Ted Peterson
Stuck on a performance plateau ?12011-02-11 05:58:39
by: Mike Davis
Pablo Rodriguez: Man or Myth?72011-01-18 23:19:33
by: Vanlu
Bafa Golu12011-01-13 09:15:25
by: User Deactivated
First Ascent, then new FA after tacking on lower moves?12010-12-08 02:45:18
by: Andrew Minnick
by: Andrew Minnick
Yangshou in Spring? Too Rainy?12010-11-29 02:23:37
by: Bart Paull
Brione Boulder Problem name and grade12010-11-26 21:17:06
by: JonG
Can't sort by city32010-10-31 15:07:30
by: Chaz Warren
claiming "Secret" ascents is weak sauce52010-10-28 02:21:18
by: Drunkenmaster
Matterhorn ascent.12010-09-06 10:05:34
by: Pepe garcilopez
Camping Mallorca?22010-09-04 20:36:30
by: Chas
Chipping Established Routes22010-08-31 22:53:37
by: Milky "Dad-Bod" Williams
Eiger!!12010-07-24 15:51:00
by: Pepe garcilopez
Best USA summer sport crags92010-06-26 18:41:06
by: Senya Iaryguine
La Sportiva Speedster Delaminating Like Crazy!12010-06-08 20:15:09
by: Tankgirl
Adding MyUpdates??12010-05-13 06:06:07
by: Aubrey Wingo
NEW BOULER CHANNEL42010-05-05 13:41:31
by: Vanlu
Women's Highlight Reel from the Roc Comp12010-05-03 13:54:46
by: Megan Mouse(f)
Bouldering/Climbing around Boulder Colorado32010-01-31 23:49:12
by: Jacob Stærk
I do nothing, my ranking improves?22010-01-16 04:19:45
by: Jesse Livermore
Suesca, Columbia Guidebook...12010-01-13 03:16:27
by: Allison Hudson
climbing in idaho??32009-12-18 22:30:41
by: Tom Burton
Cliff jumping12009-11-19 10:03:55
by: Pepe
Photo/Video Annual12009-10-16 02:01:16
by: Megan Mouse(f)
Rocktoberfest Registration22009-09-29 19:44:22
by: Bill Strachan
Austin areas and climbing partners?22009-08-22 01:10:41
by: Pana
Clark Mountain Crew???32009-07-04 17:55:00
by: Jghedge
King's walk Caminito del rey Extreme walk12009-05-20 18:43:04
by: Pepe
broken collar bone22009-05-13 05:53:24
by: Wolfgang Braun
California Climbing and 2 Nor Cal FA vids!22009-05-05 22:14:15
by: User Deactivated
California Climbing a 2 Nor Cal FA vids!12009-04-29 00:58:09
by: Alton Richardson
Grading system for extentions of boulderproblems and routes12009-04-21 19:11:45
by: Jens Gad
Dead Point Magazine's new issue12009-02-18 19:22:04
by: Megan Mouse(f)
Dangerous Bolts at Red Rocks22009-01-04 20:47:40
by: Wolfgang Braun
Short Film Contests12008-11-20 08:33:12
by: Martin Lazaro
one year usa32008-11-14 20:40:50
by: Wolfgang Braun
YDS vs. Hueco conversion on 8a.nu42008-10-24 21:38:33
by: Tommy "The" Wilson
Colorado Bouldering Guidebook Disaster12008-08-14 18:17:02
by: Jamie Emerson
Editing Crag Information12008-06-23 22:29:17
by: Zackary Eubanks
Point Distribution for Rankings - Question?32008-06-21 15:24:06
by: Anthony Cormier
Rating issues22008-06-07 07:35:16
by: John
Rumney saturday 5-1712008-05-16 00:29:33
by: Ian Measeck
Yosemite and Bishop42008-04-21 22:34:40
by: - -
SPRAY DVD12008-03-27 21:41:32
by: Bs productions
Job in Switzerland Au Pair22008-02-03 02:02:47
by: Ander Rockstad
a new socal bouldering guide from Wolverine Publishing12008-01-25 23:59:31
by: Joshua Pace
webcasting to world cup in valence12007-11-17 19:36:09
by: Www.8a.nu
Error on the webpage32007-11-08 23:32:06
by: Balázs Rau
Climbing near San Diego in November12007-10-03 22:48:54
by: Jacob Eriksen
problem/route display issues12007-09-27 23:14:21
by: Chaz Warren
problem/route display issues12007-09-27 23:14:13
by: Chaz Warren
problem/route display issues12007-09-27 23:14:03
by: Chaz Warren
Realization 9a?12007-09-07 22:56:19
by: Jerr roberts
REEL ROCK FILM TOUR12007-08-30 19:44:46
by: Rebecca Schild
RMNP guidebook? or something32007-08-27 21:56:32
by: Austin Lee
Las Vegas 5-7 Sept.32007-08-07 19:42:23
by: Jason Sellmann
bishop bouldering52007-06-25 23:49:48
by: Eric lang
Whats the climbing scene like in Sacramento22007-05-17 08:44:46
by: Monica Aranda
Bouldering dvds in new york?42007-03-06 15:00:26
by: C Ash
Question02006-11-21 22:37:20
by: Zak Liles
Question12006-08-24 03:31:34
by: Milky "Dad-Bod" Williams
Website contact info02006-07-19 22:07:38
by: Kevin Pearson
Solo climbing devices02006-07-15 01:39:43
by: Terry
Update02006-05-24 03:19:57
by: Jonah
Converting v to font scale12006-04-13 23:55:18
by: Tyson schoene
Looking for a partner02006-03-27 02:35:30
by: Goggi
Swedish Climbing DVD: Tjugo På Kjuge12006-02-13 09:13:00
by: Shawn Boye
Red rock rendezvous02006-02-12 08:00:03
by: Looking for partners in h
A2 pulley rehab02006-02-10 20:39:58
by: Anthony Milkus
Pictures of akira 9b !02006-01-13 19:31:05
by: Pierrot
8a features02005-09-29 14:59:06
by: The bler
Climbing survey - please help out with your answers02005-05-03 15:19:49
by: Sundagger
Hueco rock rodeo02005-02-17 09:43:47
by: Jens Larssen
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Bouldering dvds in new york? (4)
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Las Vegas 5-7 Sept. (3)
Error on the webpage (3)
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Selecting Crystal Earrings For Your Wife Or Girlfriend (3)