31 January 2024

The boulder problems 5A to 8B with the most logged ascents

There are over 8.2 million ascents in the 8a database that could assist you in finding the best routes to try. Here's the list of the most popular boulders from 8B to 5A. In the picture, La Marie-Rose (6A) which was the first 6A in Fontainebleau put up in 1946 and named after the FA's girlfriend. (c) Maarten Muylle

Riverbed (8B) Magic Wood - 209 ascents
Jack's broken heart (8A+) Magic Wood - 290
Octopussy (8A) Magic Wood - 539
Resident Evil (7C+) New Joe's - 502
Supernova (7C) Magic Wood - 959
Carnage (7B+) Fontainebleau - 1 291
Schrotti (7B) Magic Wood - 954
High Plains Drifter (7A+) Buttermilks - 1 125
Le Toit du Cul de Chien (7A) Fontainebleau - 1 499 ascents

Matusalem (6C+) Chironico - 362
Serengeti (6C) Happy Boulders - 968
Girl on Our Mind (6B+) Rocklands - 579
Iron Man Traverse (6B) Buttermilks - 1 096
Blue Sky Of Mine (6A+) Magic Wood - 492
La Marie-Rose (6A) Fontainebleau - 1 657 (c) Maarten Muylle
Nobody Here Gets Out Alive (5C) Hueco Tanks (TX) - 660
Heavenly Path (5B) Happy Boulders - 348
Melon Patch (5A) Hueco Tanks (TX) - 212
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