18 February 2023

Super Crackinette 9a+ by Tanguy Merard (19)

Tanguy Merard, who two weeks ago did his second 9a+, has done Supercrackinette (9a+) in St Léger. (c) Emile Pino

Can you tell us more about your ascent?
I had been thinking about this route for a while. When I did the Crackinette 8c variant two years ago I thought it would be a good project. Last year, I made a first trip at the end of December. I was not in good shape but I could find my methods and understand the route.

These holidays were a good opportunity to go back. We left for a week with lots of friends excited about the rocks 😜 From the first day I felt good on the route and I was quite confident in doing the route. I pass the crux on the mono fairly quickly but fell three times in the final section. The day of the send everything went well. The weather was nice and I put on some music and I flew to the top under the encouragement of my friends 😁. It was a great moment of success, sharing and I was able to discover the other routes of the cliff. Thanks to the dream team it was a great trip😍 Thanks to my sponsors, my family and friends 💪
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