27 October 2022

Red Bull Duel MP - Audacious and entertaining

Angie Scarth-Johnson, who did her first ever multi-pitch, was teamed up with experienced Sasha Digulian. “The first two pitches were so intimidating that I just surrendered to the wall. Honestly, this is one of my best climbing experiences ever. I am so exhausted and I want to do it again but I do not think we qualified for the finals.” Sasha commented that she thinks she has never been so pumped in her forearms ever.

On Saturday, there will be the big, as well as, the small final but mainly the athletes are just talking about the cool experience and that the six pitches routes were so fun and challenging. Red Bull does not want to draw too much focus the prize money as "it is all about bringing together some of the best athletes in the world to share the experience".

World Cup winner, Luca Potocar, and Olympic winner, Alberto Gines Lopez were as amazed talking about a unique experience, but also saying that they wanted harder routes. "We are World Cup climbers and so used to doing crazy moves on plastic but it is anyhow exhausting combining (more than) two pitches together."

The finals will be live-streamed on Saturday. There's no lack of cameras and drones covering the 180-meter routes which the route setters have been working on full-time since mid-August.
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