20 December 2022

Paint in Black 8C by Noah Wheeler

Noah Wheeler has done Paint it Black (8C) in RMNP (CO). "Surprised myself with a send of this one after 5 days off from the flu. One of the most technical (that is to say, not strength or finger reliant) climbs I’ve had the privilege of trying. 3 seshs w the first one including some of the worst blind beta yours truly has ever conceived of."

Can you tell us more about the ascent?
I visited the boulder for the first time briefly in October and came back a week ago after having rehabbed my fingers a bit more. I worked out the moves mostly last sesh and had decent links by then. In the week leading to the send session I got the flu and unfortunately had to take the entire week off for rest. I came to the boulder this weekend with a residual cough but managed to send and in fact felt pretty good during the entire sesh.

What is next and what about 2023?
Haha, I’m going to Vegas over thanksgiving so I’ll pull in but I only have a week. For next summer I want to get on Insomniac (8C+) but aside from that I am in school full time so I mostly just go where the psyche takes me given I have the space. Usually, that means smaller-term projects in Colorado.
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