4 June 2022

More Magic days for Michalea Kiersch

During the second half of May, we reported about four boulders 8A+ to 8B+ in Magic Wood sent by Michalea Kiersch. Now, 155 cm tall with some 7+ cm apeindex, has done five more 8A to 8 B;

Pura Vida (8A+), Never ending story 1 (8A+), Electroboogie (8A+), Foxy Lady (8A) and One summer in paradise (8B). (c) Nina Williams

Which one did you send the fastest and which one was the most beautiful?
Pura vida was one session. Electroboogie was two sessions to find beta that worked for me and also the most beautiful boulder.

What are your next plans?
One more week here and then back to SLC and maybe some Colorado bouldering!

Just prior to leaving for Europe Michaela did her first 8B/+ and her eighth 8c+. Including also a 9a last fall, she has one of the most impressive female ticklist out there, the last year. Michaela's answer last week about how come she is peaking now is even more applicable.

"I’ve always had a lot of support for my climbing. Community, friends, and family have been the foundation of my climbing for years. I climb my best when I am happy, and I feel that I’m at a time in my life where everything has fallen into place. Finishing graduate school is one of my greatest accomplishments to date. I think it gave me confidence and momentum that has carried into my recent projects. I haven’t changed much of my training routine other than having a little more time than before. I think it can be intimidating to try hard boulders. Maybe the difference is that now I’m up to the challenge and have been putting time into figuring out my limits within bouldering."
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