Magic Wood


  • 53 426 ASCENTS
  • 2.6 % OS RATE
  • 3 428 BOULDERS IN DB




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At the following page you find all the information needed for a visit at Magic Wood. Please stick to the important rules to avoid further access problems: · Wild camping is strictly prohibited! Also to stop overnight with your bus or camper outside the campground will be seen as it. · Please use the toilets on the campground! We know, not everybody likes the smell of them. There is just one way. Close your eyes, breath through your mouth and hurry up! If you have to follow your human urge please follow the rules:Dig a hole about 20cm deep, place your excrements & toiletpaper inside and close it properly. · No wild campfire! Use stove for cooking only or use an existing fireplace at campsite. · Pack your trash from the bouldering area;everything from cigarette-butt, finger tape to leftover food. We love to dispose it for you. Take consideration to the nature and show respect to mother earth. Thank you for your good cooperation. Have fun bouldering and enjoy the beautiful night at the campfire with friends. If the campground is full, please use the parking on the other site of the street. climbing equimpment: chalk, tape, lapis brush, crash pads (metolius) and shoes (5:10) are available at Bodhi Camping directly.the shop will be open daily in Juli/August.On the rest of the time it will be open on weekends and unexpectely under the week. 14.08.2010 - 1. Magic Wood Clean Up Day. This Event will from now on take place every year at the end of august. Come and help to keep Magic Wood clean.

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