27 October 2021

Une Jolie Fleur... 8b MP by Katherine Choong

Katherine Choong, who previously in 2021 has done two 8c+, has done the 300m long, Une Jolie Fleur dans une Peau de Vache 8b in Paroi du Duc, Gorges du Verdon. (c) Tara Kerzhner

Katherine has been an active competitive climber since 2006, having done 87 IFSC events until 2021. In 2009, she won the Youth World Champion and as a senior, she has reached the final once. Including two 9a's and some other hard multi-pitches, the Swizz must be considered as one of the best female multi-discipline climbers in the world, the last five years.

"Located in the impressive Paroi du Duc in the Gorges du Verdon, each pitch is absolutely incredible (6b, 8b, 7b, 8a, 5c, 8a, 6b)! Lots of tufas on a (very) overhanging wall where you can twist drop knees, kneebars, it’s not a surprise that it suits my style! Until now Jim (her partner) has always patiently accompanied me in my projects. His presence has been crucial in their success but I rarely had the opportunity to support him in a multi-pitch route. This time, we really wanted to find a common project, to try to climb each pitch together in the same day and to share the pressure and the success (the plan was that I would lead each pitch and that I would come back down to belay Jim in the three key pitches in the 8th grade).

We climbed two days to the top to find out our beta in the top pitches. The rain had then made the wall wet, especially in the 2nd pitch (8b), we spent two other days just working this pitch without going higher, the conditions not being so good to attempt a send. Finally, on the 5th day, in a battle of resistance in each pitch, but motivated by each other's successive send, we managed to climb each pitch to the top without a single fall! Once again I am incredibly grateful to have been able to live this beautiful adventure and to have shared it with my partner in life."
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