25 April 2022

La Ramirole MP 8b by Katherine Choong

Choong Katherine, who last year finished IFSC comps after 16 years on the circuit, has done La Ramirole MP (8b) in Verdon. Previously the 30-year-old has done two 9a's and last year she did the MP, 6.4 sekunden 8b (+), meaning her route track record is one of the most impressive out there. (c) Julia Cassou

"I climbed all the pitches of the multi-pitch route La Ramirole in a perfect no fall ascent! But it wasn't a piece of cake! Each pitch was a long battle of endurance! I had been dreaming of climbing this route since I saw a picture of Nina Caprez many years ago. But it took me a while before I felt ready to tackle this impressive overhanging wall. Jim my partner was also close to sending the route, falling at the top of the 8b! Sharing this adventure with him, sharing the pressure, the fatigue, the difficulties, the disappointment when he fell but also the excitement, the mutual support and the moments of joy after each successful pitch made this climb an incredible experience!

This route is clearly in my style: there are no extreme moves, but it's a sequence of difficult moves on a very overhanging wall. So less difficult than 6.4 Sekunden which was very technical and bouldery. But it's clearly the second hardest multi-pitch route I've done. When I arrived to Verdon I had a lot of doubts about my ability to do it, my form is not the best right now. The first few days I couldn't do more than a few moves in a row and I ended the day completely exhausted. But my body gradually adapted to this environment and then my head, seeing that the end of the trip was approaching, took over to send this monster of endurance. I clearly didn't have the margin to be able to fall on the pitches and try them again, I absolutely had to climb them all without falling in order to be able to do them all on the same day. So it was a big mental battle!"
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