29 January 2024

The routes 7a to 9a with the most logged ascents

There are over 8.2 million ascents in the 8a database that could assist you in finding the best routes to try. Here's the list of the most popular ones from 7a to 9a.

Estado critico (9a) in Siurana - 41 ascents
La Novena Puerta (8c+) in Santa Linya - 48
Pata negra (8c) in Rodellar - 119
Geminis (8b+) in Rodellar - 201
L'ami de tout le monde (8b) in Céüse - 284
La cara que no miente (8a+) in Siurana - 439
Carte Blanche (8a) in Céüse - 808

Makach Walou (7c+) in Céüse - 817 (c) Jill Sompel
Vagabond d'occident (7c) in Céüse - 902
Mandràgora (7b+) in Siurana - 1 108
Lapinerie (7b) in Céüse - 1 356
Crosta pànic R1 (7a+) in Siurana - 1 758
DNA (7a) Kalymnos in - 2 249
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