20 December 2023

Solveig Korherr redpoints 8c+ and 8c in St Léger

Solveig Korherr, who previously has done 28 routes 8c and beyond, has added to her tally while in St Léger. (c) John Thornton

Les petits chefs du néant (8c): "This route climbs much better than it seems at first glance. Great power-endurance testpiece! Ended up taking a bit longer than expected :D It is relatively short and very sustained. The first time up, I did all the moves rather quickly and the second try already felt quite promising, but I totally underestimated the difficulty of clipping some of the draws and the overall pump since there were no resting positions. Another climber who was trying it as well broke several holds, so I ended up adjusting my beta a few times. In the end, it took me a quite a bit longer than I expected at the beginning. I had a lot of fun trying this route and it was a great power-endurance challenge!"

La ligne claire (8c+): "Unreal! I can’t believe, I just sent it on my first redpoint try. Hard boulder problem at the beginning to a complex traverse on mini tufas to some tiny crimps at the top - incredible line! 3 days. I tried it once before on a previous trip but that didn’t go so well since it was very hot and it was impossible to hold some of tiny crimps. This time with luckily much cooler conditions, I was able to do all the moves very quickly. After two days of checking out every section and trying up some wet tufa parts in the middle, I felt ready for redpoint tries after a rest day. With no high expectations on my first redpoint attempt, I somehow managed to fight my way up to the anchor with no falls. Those are the best moments when I can exceed my expectations!"
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