5 June 2022

Shawn's 9As rumours

Three weeks ago, Shawn Raboutou published on Insta that he last summer did the FA of Fuck the system 8C+. Rumour has since said he has also done an unreported 9A. Now, this has been confirmed and, amazingly, we are talking about two possible 9A boulders sent by Shawn in 2022;

The Megatron project in Eldorado Canyon - A seven moves 8C low start, with zero rest, into Daniel WoodsTron 8B+ put up in 2017. Daniel has later projected the Megatron project for several months.

The Alphane Moon project - Insta comments by David Graham including a picture of Shawn: "It seems to add up to a two move 8C, into a 12 move 8C+, followed by something like an 8B exit, with zero rests. Grade wise we assumed it must be harder than 9A."

It should be mentioned that we have reached out to both Daniel and Dave but they have not yet responded so that is why the title says "rumours" although our source says, "this info is already well known in the hood".

Updates from Dave: "Alphane moon is more like a two move 8B+ [not 8C, we found better beta] into a long 8C+ boulder. The description you used for the Alphane Moon thing is what we thought the breakdown would be for the right exit." In regards to Shawn's 9A ascents he just says, "No comment!"
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