21 July 2022

Shawn Raboutou doing the FA of Story of 3 Worlds 8C+

In 2005, David Graham made the FA of The Story Of 2 Worlds (8C) in Cresciano. The name reflected the new inflated grades of that time and Dave made a statement that pretty much stopped the inflation and later many hard-core boulders were actually downgraded to fit the "new 8C standard". In the video, Shawn Raboutou has added a new start from the left where he makes an insane dyno into an undercling, linking it midways into Dave's classical testpiece, establishing Story of 3 Worlds 8C+. Shawn, the sibling to Olympian Brooke, has been somewhat under the radar for some years, not updating his hardest ascent on Insta. One example of this is that Shawn has done two possible 9A's which 8a has reported but which Shawn has not posted. Including also, at least, six 8C+ the 24-year-old should be a contender to Daniel Woods to be the #1 boulderer in the world.

Carlo Traversi made the third repeat back in 2013 and comments. "I’ve always looked at the left start for the Story, but with the way that I climbed Story it always seemed unlikely to make the full link work. The discovery of many kneebars obviously makes this link far more doable than without using them."
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