4 January 2023

Sanjski par extension 9a by Štěpán Volf

Štěpán Volf has done Sanjski par extension (9a) in Osp/Misja Pec, although being partly wet. “Finally this big dream of mine became reality. I was dreaming about climbing this beauty since my first trip to Mišja Peč 🇸🇮 8 years ago, when I was trying my first 8a. Still can’t belive I did it even tho it was wet 💦. Somehow skipping the Boulder after first part with one long move was a bit easier. 10 more tries after first part. No kneepad.

From his scorecard we can see that during the last years, he has mainly been focusing on bouldering, in spite of having done his first 9a two years ago. In 2022, he flashed his first two 8A+ boulders and did five out of his first six 8B+.

What is your 2023 ambition?
To climb an 8C boulder. Few weeks ago I tried Warrior (8C) from Martin Stranik and was pretty close to sending. So I hope it will came down during winter.
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