4 April 2023

Richelle Hepler does Barefoot on Sacred Ground (8A+)

Richelle Hepler has done Barefoot on Sacred Ground (8A) and Dark Age (7C+) in Hueco Tanks (TX).

Can you tell us more about these ascents?
After healing from a torn rotator cuff, I went to Hueco on a long trip to slowly ease back into climbing hard. I surprised myself by sending a few crimpy 7Cs (V9, Banana Juice, and Eurydice). I started working Dark Age (8A/V11) on and off with a local friend, Michael Rosenbaum, but felt the bottom was too difficult and the top too scary. After sending Flower Power (7C+/V10), my confidence was high, and I started warming up on See Spot Run to prepare for Dark Age. I was so scared on the top out because I saw at least 3 ankle injuries during the spring break period at Dark Age. Dark Age finally came together, and I pushed past the mental block and executed.

After returning to Colorado for work for a week, my boyfriend convinced me to come back to Hueco. No one was there, but I like warmer temperatures and got instantly psyched on Barefoot On Sacred Ground. It took about three more sessions before I stuck the left chicken wing move from the bottom. Once I did that, I took it to the top!!!
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