Només per valents 9a FA by Ramonet (39)

25 April 2021

Ramon Julian has done the FA of Només per valents 9a in Fussimanya. In total, he has done 20 FAs 9a or 9a+ since 2002. It should also be mentioned that several of his FAs have been upgraded up to two grades. (c) Alba Capdevila

The 39-year-old has won 21 Lead World Cups and two World Championships. By checking his 8a scorecard as well as his Insta, we can see that almost all his climbs the last year have been FAs.

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DNA 9c FA by Seb Bouin

5 May 2022

DNA 9c FA by Seb Bouin

Sebastien BOUIN, who previously has done three 9b/+, reports on Insta that he has done the FA of DNA 9c in Verdon. "I'm happy to have completed this project. Af…

Open Your Mind 8c+ by Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi (17)

12 January 2023

Open Your Mind 8c+ by Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi (17)

Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi has done Open your mind (8c+) in Santa Linya. The Ukrainian made his first 8a news at age eleven when he did his first three 8c’s as we…


5 December 2022

Garnbret wants strict BMI rules in 2023

In a 40 min interview at the IFSC Climbing Summit, Janja Garnbret was very straightforward about BMI testing. She referred to a survey in Innsbruck where it later was stated that: 16 % of female athletes have no menstruation and 22 % reported that they currently struggle with an eating disorder. …


Widowmaker 9a by Loic Zehani

21 December 2022

Widowmaker 9a by Loic Zehani

Loic Zehani has done the third repeat of Widowmaker (9a) in Margalef, in just two tries. Vincent Palau bolted the five-star route and then Ramon Julian did the …

La Bongada 8c+ by Iziar Martinez (17)

9 January 2023

La Bongada 8c+ by Iziar Martinez (17)

Iziar Martinez has done La Bongada 8c+ in Margalef. Ramon Julian did the FA calling it 8c but later it was upgraded to both 9a and 8c+. (c) Bárbara García Garcí…


7 September 2008

Duell is the future

The Arco invention is really creating intense action and one possible way to the olympics according to Marco Scolaris. - "This was the most fun competition" says Johanna. She and Ramon Julian won the 2500 euro worth competition.