Priorato de Sion 9a by Enrique Beltrán Blasco

13 February 2023

Enrique Beltran Blasco has done Priorato de Sion (9a) in Alquezar. Daniel Fuertes bolted it and later in 2008, Ramon Julian made the FA suggesting 8c+ but as with many of his FA's, the repeaters have upgraded it.

Can you tell us more about this route and your send?
This 9a is the one that has cost me the least of all my three 9a's, about 18 attempts. It is a short and hard route with small crimps and a boulder with inverted holds. Happy to share the send with Dani Moreno and Dani Fuertes. They have done it previously and going to the sector with them was perfect. They came to belay and push (my) motivation.

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5 December 2022

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Open Your Mind 8c+ by Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi (17)

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Open Your Mind 8c+ by Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi (17)

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Monster 8c+/9a by Pedro Bergua (40)

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9a by Ramonet

Ramon Julian has done El templo del cafe, 9a in Alquezar and as he did it in only three tries he says - 'Soft'. Ramonet is #5 in the world ranking but only #4 among the Spaniards!


28 June 2008

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After the semi, Ramon Julian and Johanna Ernst are in lead. Johanna (15) has previously won 13 straight IFSC lead comps. Angela Eiter did not make it to the final as she ran out out of the new six minutes rule.