24 March 2024

Keenan Takahashi's FA of Ego Death

Keenan Takahashi did the FA of Ego Death (8C) last September a couple of months after he did his first 8C+. "Immediately upon walking up to it, I knew it was something special if it was possible. It’s the sort of thing I’ve dreamed of since I started climbing, steep compression, at my limit, decently tall but safe, and such fun movement. An amazing combo of technique and power."

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Keenan Takahashi sent A Little Life (8B+) in Buttermilks, last December. "Simply stunning, perhaps my best moment ever climbing. Stoked for other people's thoughts... seemed pretty heinous albeit definitely morpho. One of the hardest highballs I'd reckon... go on youths, prove it ;)"

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