Heim nach Afrika 9a by Martina Demmel

28 November 2022

Martina Demmel, who started climbing only in 2017, has done Heim nach Afrika (9a) in Kochel. It is a link-up that first Pirmin Bertle reported the FA, calling it 9a/+. Later it was discovered that Philipp Hrozek had done it more than ten years ago, but never reported it, thinking it was 8c+/9a. In two interesting and very much read-worthy long Insta posts the 21-year-old says that the link-up has been her priority for two years. (c) Felix Bub

"The whole period, I've surprisingly never felt unpatient with myself as it probably was one of the first routes which was in the range of "finding out if it's possible at all & not when"...🙃 totally enjoyed this luckily steady process what makes me curious for more of this soon😁❤️‍🔥!! Falling more in love with this 🧩-solving game by finding all those game-changing bodypositions, chalk-up points, releasing the tension moments and simply remembering it all (what's been more difficult than expected...🤪).

I've to admit that I was quite surprised/sad about how many people were only focused on asking me about my opinion on the grade instead of congratulating or being interested in the story/feelings behind at all...🥺 maybe it's normal but I've never noticed it in such an obvious extent🤷‍♀️."

In 2021, Martina became the first-ever female to have won the 8a annual onsight ranking game. In total, she onsighted 18 routes 8a+ and harder in 2021. If we start from 7c and harder she did a stunning 138 onsights the last year. Amazingly, she did her first 7c onsight when she had only climbed for 1.5 years.

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DNA 9c FA by Seb Bouin

5 May 2022

DNA 9c FA by Seb Bouin

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Open Your Mind 8c+ by Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi (17)

12 January 2023

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19 October 2010

8c+ FA in Tarn by Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle has (probably) done the FA of Mehw power, 8c+ in Gorges du Tarn. "Bouldery 8a+ climbing to a moderate rest followed by a Fb7c boulder on tiny holds. To be finished in a really magnificant 8a pocket route. 10 tries." This was his 11th FA 8b+ and harder in 2010.


29 July 2010

Second 9a for Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle has done Cabane au Canada, 9a in Rawyl. "One of the best hard lines in Switzerland. Pure endurance on 80 hard moves in one big overhanging slab. With 19 tries (at least for me :) a quite fast ascent." Pirmin is #9 in the ranking game.


8 December 2010

Two 8c+ by Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle has confirmed two 8c+ at Kalymnos, Inshallah and Gora Guta Gutarak which Adam Ondra onsighted last year and gave 8c. "Five weeks of fucked up conditions and then, on the last day, wind from the north. And suddenly everything felt different :)… Two 8c+ on the very same day!!!"