23 July 2022

F*ck the System 8C+ by Dave Graham

David Graham reports on Insta has done the first repeat of Shawn Raboutou’s F*ck the System 8C+ in Fionnay, which is a direct start to Foundations Edge (8C) established by Graham in 2013. The 40-year-old says that the direct start has always been on his mind and that this season he completed it after five intense weeks.

Graham, who has been one of the world’s leading rock climber since 1999, has been peaking over the last seven months having done five 8C's and one 8C+. Three months ago, we asked him, "How are you managing to still progress after 20+ years as a pro climber?"

I feel stronger honestly! 😅😅😅, 🤔🤔🤔. Not sure why?? Maybe smarter??? Healthier lifestyle. Ah just eating better, no partying, lots of good rest!! Better attitude about climbing, more patient and also less concerned with conditions. Always finding new solutions, not getting angry. In the past, I would get much more frustrated when I would fail or not do well. These days I think I'm so used to failing that I'm surprised when I succeed. I do boulders that are really my antistyle too. So I assume they should be hard but I think it really helped my mental game, to push longer and harder. Never get pissed, it is not wise!!! I am feeling strong!! But four months of trying hard has been tough, I took the last two weeks kind of easy as the weather was finally bad.😅🤣
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