18 September 2023

Carlo Traversi footage From Dirt Grows The Flowers (8C)

In March, we reported about Carlo Traversi having done From Dirt Grows The Flowers (8C) after having tried it several times the last ten years. The video has been released and we asked some follow-up questions:

Are you stronger at age 35 or what made the difference?
I’m definitely stronger in some ways and weaker in others. My transitional strength has improved (moving between comfortable positions of static load) but my lock-off strength and finger strength are probably a bit less than when I was younger. I am a far more efficient climber now. I was probably trying to overpower things when I was younger. The biggest difference was consistency on the mantle. I adjusted my wrist angle on the right hand before the left hand flip and it gave me that last inch of height for my body to move through the mantle easier.

What is your autumn plan?
Yosemite. I have a few bouldering projects that I hope to finish this Fall/Winter. For me, they have pushed me harder than anything else I’ve tried in the past. If all goes well, I will most likely transition back to doing more sport and trad next year.
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