2 December 2023

Anak Verhoeven redpoints another 9a

Anak Verhoeven reports on Instagram that she has sent Fabela pa la enmienda (9a) in Santa Linya. "This send feels like a personal victory toward the end of this climbing trip ⚔️ after several morale underminers the past month, in particular a sudden back problem [probably a ligament inflammation]. Sending this one is encouraging and I’m glad I can simply still climb." (c) Javi Pec

Can you tell us more about the ascent?
I climbed on this route on and off during my stay here in Santa Linya. At a certain point, I had to take a break due to a back problem and pain. When I felt better, I did all the moves again and then climbed it on my first redpoint try. In 2017 I had already done La Fabela and also the Enmienda part (by coming from the Ciudad de Dios start), but this was the first time I linked those two together into ‘La Fabela pa la Enmienda’, a classic 9a that goes all the way to the top of the cave.
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