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Why not an app of like strava?

A lot of people will use this if it was an app, with easy entries of routes, and adding gym too. Thank you!

Hey Fran, in the Vertical Life app, there is all of the 8a content (for all climbers, without need for a subscription). The implementation is very basic for now. We intend to improve it with upcoming updates. What you can already do is add ascents through the app, they will then appear in your 8a scorecard too. If you have suggestions on what'd be most important to add for 8a content in the app, let me know. Cheers

Andrew Einhorn
In reply to Ben Lepesant

In the off chance you guys are looking for a software engineer to help with the app building, I'd be happy to assist. I really like, and think there's definitely room to app this up so people can take it with them to the crag with (more or less) full functionality.