Tuesday, 27 October


Site Improvements

Top ten routes that make up your score

Jon Shen

In the old Lay-out before the update, we would be able to click top ten routes to see what made up our current score. Where had this feature gone? Can Simone help me out? Maybe out exists already and I just don’t know how to access it.

Douglas Talbot

I'd like to know this too


Yes, it exists. You just have to hover over the points diagram, then it will appear as a kind of pop-up, even for every year in the past. Very nice solution imo.

Radek Dydo

Unfortunately there is no all time top ten shedule but maybe i cant find this option

Lauren Hollingsworth

The new web format is terrible. Cannot select current top ten, cannot see point value.

Britta Steude

The new TOP 10 solution is nice, but can you PLEASE add the DATE field to the popup so we know when the last 12 months climbs "expire"? Also please consider adding the CRAG name and country to the list, because lots of climbers travel and tick in different countries/crags and easily forget where a certain "climb name" was!