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Hello! I added a new climbing sector and two boulders. These climbs have been correctly registered in, but unfortunately, neither the climbs nor the new sector appear in my logbook and the exploration map.

How does this synchronization work?

Thank you very much

Hi Marcos, can you post the links to the new sector? Are you referring to your 8a logbook, or your Vertical Life app logbook? Thanks!

Marcos Galletero Romero
In reply to Ben Lepesant

Hi, Ben! This is the new sector and the two boulders that I mention are the ones that appear in that link. Both of these climbs appear correctly in my logbook (because I added them from, but they don't appear in my Vertical Life logbook. My experience is that when I add ascents from Vertical Life, the addition to is correct, but not the other way around. Adding climbs from doesn't correctly add them to Vertical Life. To clarify my previous message, I added a new sector and two ascents in, but this new sector isn't correctly shown in the Vertical Life's exploration map, nor do those two ascents appear in my Vertical Life's logbook (but they do in my's logbook). Is there any way to import those missing ascents from into Vertical Life? Thank you very much for your time and help

Hi Marcos! Thanks for the info. 1 - unfortunately, ascents added on 8a are not added to the Vertical-Life logbook (yet). There is not really a good reason for this, we can hopefully implement this soon. We did the other way first because we felt that logging from a guidebook was easier than logging from 8a, so we wanted to give this option to subscribers who have an 8a logbook that they like to keep up-to-date. 2 - on the Vertical-Life app, we do not show crags with less than 5 routes/boulders - this is because otherwise, we would show hundreds of duplicate crags in popular areas. Once we have the database cleaned up enough, we can lift this restriction. I will see if we can add your crag in the VL app nonetheless, and if so, we will show it. Kind regards, Ben

Thank you very much for your help