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Route duplicate names, sector

This is really annoying. Please give access to user to clean all this !

Hi Lorenzo, the ability to change crag infos, routenames, grades and merging duplicates we are working on right now. We need to build it in a way that bots and bored kids can not missuse it to destroy the database. That's why it will take some more weeks.

Christopher Rogi
In reply to Matthias Polig

Great effort! I was about to ask the same, really looking forward for a cleaned up database! Cheers!

That is great news!

Im happy to clean up my neighborhood "Switzerland Basler Jura " too. Here is abig mess to over the years, mostly 3 cracks with diffrent spelling. may a just combain funktion would be great. like Bärenfels = Barenfels

Romain Thiery
In reply to Matthias Polig

Hi Matthias, glad to here that you working on it, because it starts te be very annoying. I'll also volunteer to clean all database for crags that I climb very often and know very well. Maybe you can you give 'super member' status to some people sorting by crag, based on number of ascents and reliability, and validated first by a 8a admin ?!

Bumping this. Some level of permissions above standard member but below full admin would be awesome for trusted climbers within given areas (especially those who are very particular about name spellings and duplicate entries, such as myself). I'd be more than happy to spend many hours cleaning up the crags I know super well if I had the ability to edit names and crag/sector details, as well as the ability to merge duplicates.