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Site Improvements

Highlighting friends entries in route lists of crags

Walter Strbad

In the route lists of a crag, your own ascents are highlighted in green. That's great.

Would be nice if friends' ascents were highlighted somehow as well, so you could see right away if someone you know already sent a route at that crag.

Walter Strbad

Edit: Actually, I didn't mean the "route list of a certain crag" but the "list of ascents of a certain". And actually, not even your own ascent is highlighted green in that list. (The green highlighting only appears in the "route list of a certain crag".) Anyway, some kind of highlighting your own and your friend's ascents anywhere would be nice.

Matthias Polig

Hi Walter, i think that´s a good idea and makes sense.

We will consider it next time we work on route and ascent lists.