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Cannot Edit Route Name/Grade/Crag

We need the ability to edit the name/grade/crag of the route after it has been input into our logbook. Especially since the crag database seems to be all screwed up currently.

Editing climbs works for me. Please give examples of what does not work for you.

Bene Karg
In reply to Jens Larssen

Improve Name (spelling), Sektor, delete wrong ascent from databank of the crag

Matthias Gnal
In reply to Jens Larssen

Nothing works, there would be thousand of examples which I already mentioned in other post (however never got a reply or any improvement) !!!! VERY DISAPPOINTING !!!

Hi there, we're working on some updates to the crags to enable all users to provide and enrich the data. Some data however we cant make universally editable, otherwise we run the risk of someone editing someone elses route which we believe creates more issues then it solves. We are working on some universal permissions which would allow all users to improve the accuracy of the ascents they log with the primary goal of consolidating duplicate routes. If you have suggestions or would like to contribute immediately you can apply for our moderator program.

Kipp Schorr
In reply to 8a Support

Not sure exactly what all this means, honestly. Just would like to be able to fix/change the name or grade of a route once it has already been logged. Sometimes you type it wrong, the grade gets changed, etc etc. Thanks.

I add my firsts ascents in the new website, I didn’t realize that I created 3 sectors with the same name but, each line is in diferent sector. But the name of the sector is the same words. I tried to delete one of then to do another time whit the first name of sector, but how you alreade created, continue in the web… so you cannot solve it.

I find, my friend, put a wrong name of the sector, and I wanted to change it, in the same name of the route/boulder, but you cannot change anything.

I thing the web have to be intelligent when you try to create a new ascent and the name is similar or the same, have to tell you, maybe you are trying to add this or this, and you choose, not only appear in the label. And if the route have different names of sectors is not a problem, sectors could called by differents names. But the route/boulder are the same… even could happen with the name of the route/boulder.

Example: Someone add “Zarzamora 7C”. Another person add “Zarzamora 7A”. A new user, wanted to do the difference between both of them. “Zarzamora sit 7C”, Zarzamora stand 7A”, and change the names… but the boulders are differents, the previous ascents differ to the grade difference…

Another thing, when you want to add an ascent, is not easy, because you have to add one per one, even if the routes/boulders are in the same crag/sector. Is very slow.

What about a compromise? Don't let anybody change route names, but only a "trustworthy" subset of people? E.g. first ascentionists of a route / boulder should be able to change the name of their own FA. It happened to me that I misspelled one of my FAs and there is no way for me to fix it. Also some kind of moderators should exist for each crag who are allowed to do this.

Hi Felix, you can use the "report spelling" function, and your suggestions will go live within a few days or weeks. If you do it today or tomorrow, they should be up on the website on Friday. We will provide more such options of suggesting changes as soon as we get to it. Thanks for your efforts.

Hi Ben, I reported many spelling errors already a few months ago, but the names in the database are still not corrected...

Hi Martin, sorry about the big delay - we will make them go live tomorrow or Friday. Thanks a lot for your contributions.