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Areas&Crags issue

It appears that something's gone wrong with My Areas&Crags tab. It now displays a seemingly random selection of ascents rather than the latest climbs in my favourite crags.

Hey, thanks for the note. We will look into it this week, it looks like the tab now shows the ascents of routes that you follow (at least for me, that is the case). Can you compare what you see in the routes tab and in the crags&areas tab and let me know if it is the same? thank you

Nope, I've never followed those routes. I actually removed all the routes I'd followed from my list and it didn't change a thing in the areas/crags tab.

Hi, the same problem do I have also.... Friends selection works fine... Areas&crags doesen't work anymore??? In My Areas&crags are listet global ascents??

It‘s the same for me.

Same here

It‘s the same for me.

Same! My areas and crags tab shows the few routes I follow, not the crags.

Should be fixed now.