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2 pitch routes/Extensions

When addding routes with 2 pitches or more, there's the known problem of users going different was AND using different languages (adding e.g. "SL2", "(SL2)", "pitch2", "(P2)", "L2", "extension", "long", "long version", "verlängerung", etc. to the name of the route), resulting in multiple entries for the same route and chaos in the route lists of crags.

Possible solution:

When adding routes in the "Add Ascent" window, and also in the "Add to your logbook" window, users could be provided with the option (in addition to "Steepness", "Safety Issues", etc) to chose "pitch 1" or "pitch 2", which should then lead to an automatically generated, consistent change of the route name to e.g. "Route Name (pitch 2)" or "Route Name P2".

This option could/should also pop up when adding an existing route but changing the grade, sort of asking the user, if their route entry is another grade because it's maybe only a certain pitch.

Just an idea...

That would be a useful feat. As lots of routes (at least here in Brazilian Crags) have this characteristic, a first easy pitch followed by a second pitch extension with much harder moves. The ambiguity is sometimes not present when the local community/route bolter gives different names to the extension. But that is not always the case.