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Radek (Maly) Urbanczyk


scoring for 2 pitch routes does not work properly.

lets take example od Albanski Konjak on Misja Pec.

In reality:

1st pitch is 6c+/7a

2nd is 8a shows it as one route, with 7b.

When adding the route you cannot grade 8a, as there is a limit to change grade to max 7c+.

Please fix it.


Ben Lepesant

Hi Radek. The reason for this is that the first person who logged this climb, logged it as a 7b. What are the correct names for both versions? In order to properly solve this problem, we have to create two routes in the DB, one a 7a and one an 8a, assigning each ascent to the correct one (the grade someone gave will not change when this happens, only the name could change). If you know any other routes with this issue, please let us know (which name each version should have and which grade).