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"Soft" and "Recommended" flags not visible in UI

Gregor recian-God

When on "My Log Book" I am used to being able to see a column for "Soft" or "Hard" next to the grade. This is currently not visible. This is even more obvious when an a Climbs page. Take "" for example. I gave it a "Soft" indicator but on the linked page you only see blank or "Hard" in the "isHard" column. Is "Soft" intentionally obfuscated?

Similarly on "My Log Book" I am used to being able to see a column for "Recommended". In the old it was a thumbs up, but now i don't see any indicator. It might be cool to even have the "Recommended" column visible on each Climbs page.... just a thought.

I do know that the data for both of these values is there because if I click the Edit button, all the flags show up as expected in the edit form.

Ben Lepesant

Hi Gregor, we will fix the issue with "Soft" as soon as we can. It was not intentionally obfuscated. You can see the routes that a user has recommended in the 'INFO' section of their profile, with a link to see them all right below the list. On the climbs page, it is not currently visible who recommended it, however on the routes page of a crag, you can sort the routes by percentage of users who recommended it.