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'ranking' section missing on profile

Every profile I view has a "sportclimbing ranking" or "bouldering ranking" section above the "statistics" section. Mine does not. Why is this?

I guess because you have selected to be a log-book member instead of a scorecard member.

the same problem even if I change the settings

szpon chudy
In reply to Jens Larssen

Hi I have the same problem even if I change the settings.

Hi Szpon, I also tried this recently and planned to work on this once the search improvements we are working on now are finished. I just tried it again now and it worked (go to settings, uncheck "exclude from rankings"). If it does not work, we can 'manually' include you in the rankings, just let me know, We'll definitely look into it either way.

szpon chudy
In reply to Ben Lepesant

Hi Ben. Does not work.shows the wrong numbers of ascents. The same number -all time and 12 monts history. Does not show statistick.

Thanks for the info, we will look into this!