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New Crag

Steve Lineberry

Yesterday I created a new crag in NC called Melrose Mountain Climbing Park but after adding one route, it did not show up as an option when I was adding additional routes. Also, when clicking on the link in my logbook, I got an error page. I went ahead and added the 5 other routes each time selecting new. Today I can click on the link and not get an error, but it seems like I created 6 crags all with the same name and all with only 1 route in them. Any thoughts on how to get this consolidated? Also, is this an issue to be fixed or should I have a different workflow when adding new crags? Thanks.

Matthias Polig

Hi Steve, we are reworking the way new crags can be created. For now we only show crags once they have at least 5 Routes... But we know this causes the issue you described. Will be fixed asap.

Iliyan Markov

And how can someone add routes to an existing crag? Thanks.

da jails

Exactly; how can we add a new route to an existing crag, please? Thank you