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Merging 8a and vertical life accounts


I have am vertical life account and a 8a account with different email adresses and information. In order to make use of the fusion of both accounts i want a single account with contains all the data.


Is it possible to migrate an 8a account to the vertical life account, or merge both. I really want to avoit to enter all the ascnents of my 8a account to the vertical life account manually.

I would also like to know this

Hi! It is possible to merge both accounts - we are still working on allowing you to sync the two ticklists though. It's a bit tricky because not all routes are "matched" between the databases. What already works is ticking "8a-routes" (routes that are not from the guidebook author's content in the app), and having them go to your 8a scorecard automatically. If you'd like to merge your accounts, send us an email to [email protected], with your 8a email address and your VL email address, and we'll merge the accounts. Cheers

are there any news on this topic? Or is it still the same - sending you an email to merge the profiles?

how about the sync of the peofiles after? Cheers

Would be also interested. And why there is no Q&A for those Topics?