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Bug: Route name spelling / duplicates

Mic Huizinga

The route listing for crags was already unorganized on old website, due to many people misspelling their route and the fact that there's no crag moderation. But on the new website the problem has gotten much worse. Differences in capitalization and accents on letters are now counted as different routes. Also when sorting by name, routes spelled with small caps are sorted after routes starting with a capital Z. Strangely, some routes are graded and spelled seemingly 100% identical, but are still somehow listed as separate routes.

For a test case, check the Ablon crag in France, and sort the routes by name. You'll see many duplicates right away.

It would make much more sense to at least group and sorting everything together in the route listings, regardless of caps and accents. This is a very simple change using the database collation settings.

While this bug isn't fixed, the statistics (ascents, OS ration, stars, etc) per route are meaningless due to all the duplicates. It's also really hard to find a route because it could be anywhere. And it will worsen the situation due to people logging ascents for whichever spelling happens to be the first one they find.

Endre Verden

Different star rating and everything else identical = new route listing.

This was one of the MANY issues reported and ignored 5 months ago...

Luca Ghiardo

It would be enough to identify a moderator for evey crag and give him access to fix duplicates and errors relating to the names of the pitches, sectors and geographic area of competence.