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Roland Spieth

Hi Jens,

congrats to the new website design, definitely much more 2020 then before ! I'm sure the current bugs will be fixed and everything will be working soon ! Thanks !

My hope was, that with the new design you will finally also change the boulder ascent registration. Unfortunately this was not the case. Sorry to be such a nerd, but there is no such thing as climbing a boulder "on sight". If ever you climb a boulder in the best possible style, you "flash" it. This has has to do with the possible touching of starting holds, the general visibility of a boulder line and is common sense in the climbing world, since someone has thought about "bouldering" at all. It doesn't matter, if someone gives you beta, if you see a video, or if someone climbs the boulder before you, or if not - the best possible style is always "FLASH". Makes sense, no !?

The only one promoting "on sighting" a boulder is If you take a look at the scorecards of the leading protagonists/heros of the ranking of, you will recognize, that none of them is "on sighting" any boulders, they only "flash" or "redpoint". Thank you girls and guys !

So now comes the topic: can you please delete this on sight option for registering boulder ascents ?

If however you need this for the system, or simply for the sake of it, then the second best solution would be to give "on sight" and "flash" the same points. I'm sure this would also solve the issue.

This is probably my personal monk, but I would be really grateful, if this would be fixed. And yes, I know, that it doesn't really matter and especially not for me !

All the best ! Like your site !

Peace !


Jens Larssen

Thanks for the positive feedback. If we took out onsight boulders many who use this feature would be dissappointed. It is already very few points bonus for an onsight compared to a flash in Bouldering but possibly we could lower it.<br> Personally I think it is confusing that you call it flash in comps at the same time on routes you are allowed to look at 50 persons before you flash it. So flash means different things in Bouldering and in Routes.

Roland Spieth
In reply to Jens Larssen

Hi Jens, I totally agree that you can't compare "flash" in routes and boulders. The only thing I'm saying, is that there is no "on sight" in bouldering, at least not as far as I know. This is a part of the general climbing ethics, although one with for sure minor importance. Again not too serious, just a bit confusing, that some people register boulders "on sight"...

Jens Larssen

It is more confusing that you use flash in routes and boulder comps and the ethics is totally different.

We live in a free world so I am fine with that and I have actually done it myself.

Roland Spieth
In reply to Jens Larssen

Seriously ? You draw the "free world card" at this stage of a conversation ? Struggling a bit on what could be confusing with a simple rule "no on sight in bouldering", but hey, it's your website, you can do whatever you want.