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1st go?


I'm wondering what the meaning of the "1st go" is.

For my understanding the 1st go should be a flash or an onsight! Next go would be 2nd go.

Thanks for explaining ;)

Where do you find the "first go"? I think you are right, for me, the "first go" means either the onsight or flash go.

For me 1st go is when the route shares some holds with the route you already did or when you touched some holds or try some sequences while lowering from neighbouring route and than do the route on your 1st go.

Saw it severel times on some logged ascents!

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Thanks for explainig....

In France a lot of people says that. It means : 1- you put the draws in, try the moves, the beta ; 2 - you send it on the next go. In it's 2nd Go. But you can say that you send it on your 1st try because the first time you got up the route you just try the beta. So no onsight or Flash, in this case 1st try = 2nd go