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Wrist pain

Johan Blixt Dackhammar
When doing low intensity warmup climbing a few days ago there was a slight pop from my right wrist. I was holding a jug and didn't do any sudden movements. I was able to continue climbing for the remainder of the day but experienced some pain on the radial side of the wrist joint. The following day the pain was slightly worse. I also noticed a swelling with slight tenderness on  the radial dorsal forearm about 8 cm proximal to the wrist joint. The pain gets worse doing radial deviation of the wrist joint and with thumb abduction. With that  in mind I have tried assessing  APL, EPL and EPB without noticing impaired strength or lack of function. The  pain and swelling remains. While resting there is no or sli gjt pain but only minimal load can provoke it. I have been climbing but avoiding max effort. What do you think the injury might be? What would you propose for treatment/rehab?