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Shoulder impingement syndrome/bizeps tendonitis rehab

Felix Salomon
Hi there, After an MRI in April I was diagnosed with the above shoulder injury. It started in th eright shoulde ronly but now I can feel the same symptoms in my left shoulder, too. I have not really done much sport climbing nor bouldering, however I have done some easier multi-pitches and that actually seemed to help. I also had some physio sessions and I'm doing the standard rotator cuff gymnastic band excercises. What bugs me is that - it started in January and the pain is still there despite trying hard not to overus emy shoulders - although the level of pain has definitely decreased, for about three weeks now it seems that there is more random pain than before albeit not as strong as initially - my shoulders feel really sensitive. I can basically not do anything slightly strenuous without inducing some pain - I have not found anything really that seem sto help for sure. So far the best remedy was a week of multi-pitch climbing; usually after that, I felt quite a bit better, and then over the following weeks it would become slightly worse again. So here are my questions: - from your experience, is it normal that this takes so long? - have yout any suggestions for excercises that worked for you? - any other hints on how to deal with it? Thanks a lot! Felix