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Herniated disk

Spiranjas RTS
Hello , I am 26 years old i am climbing about 9 years now .... Last year after a period of pain at my buttock and then on my  right leg things get from bad to worse.. so doctors said i was for surgery but i didn't want to cut me. So i started conservative treatment with exersise some streching a lot of swimming and visiting my physiotherapist. There was a lot of pain for about 4 months... the time passed i started walking , continiue swimming and now i want to get back on climbing .... What should i do ? can you help ? any specific exersices?? thank you in advance !

exercises for the core, planks and stuff have you tried sling training? but not on a trx, get a system like the one from every exercise you do on a slingtrainer strengthens core.# slacklining!!! great exercise and fun. know a guy who did most of his disc reha on the slackline, works great would be carefull with hard exercises like front lever and dragonflags. MAYBE easy deadlifts with the long iron bar, start easy with rackdeads.